The year has started!

November 2022

Gratitude for Family & Friends

October 2022

Coming soon to a city near you!

July 2022

Life Updates

April 2022

When I started leading trainings in South Africa, one of my big passions was to work alongside South Africans in their organizations. I didn’t want my…

February 2022

This past month has been so full as my parents came to see us! I have not seen them since 2020, so this was an incredible blessing. We went on a safari…

December 2021

Highlights from 2021!

November 2021

While South Africans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, a November cannot pass without me thinking about all the gifts I have been given. It forces me to…

September 2021

Hello Reader! Winter is melting into spring this side, warmer days are coming as I watch the pictures of pumpkin spice lattes fill up my Instagram feed…

August 2021

“Does it work?” This is a legitimate question that I am often asked when telling people about the ministry of trauma care. This can be a hard question…

June 2021

This month, East Mountain asked me to do the Holistic Healing training for their residency, and it was so fun to return to the ministry that I started…

May 2021

As always, Venesch and I are very busy this month. I am continuing my work with parents and kids at Trinity Children’s Centre, working with the teens at…