The Month of Thanks

While South Africans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, a November cannot pass without me thinking about all the gifts I have been given. It forces me to reframe all the difficulties in my life to see the blessings. Living next to the ocean with sunsets, getting to play with kiddos and help them through their hard circumstances, and a handsome husband to name a few!

I am also blessed to have a job that I love. I get to train moms, teachers, and ministers on creating trauma safe environments. Venesch and I get to partner with schools and ministries in Mitchells Plain to mentor and build up their community. To do this we have an amazing community of donors and supporters that invest in the healing and protection across the world. As we come to the end of the year, we are fundraising for all the plans for next year. This includes online and in person training, developing a coaching curriculum for mentors, and buying supplies for teaching and playing. To be sustainable we have monthly partners and one time donors.


Here are some pictures from the last month to see what we have been up to!

{Processing through transition with the teens at Grace Cafe.}

{Playing a game with the grade 7s as their time wraps up at Trinity. To be clear- I was not supposed to get dirty but they all turned on me at the end!}

{Leading a training for HerVoice, an organization that lifts up young moms in Kayamundi.}

If you want to journey and partner with us please send me a message!

Love from South Africa,

Autumn & Venesch