May Update

As always, Venesch and I are very busy this month. I am continuing my work with parents and kids at Trinity Children’s Centre, working with the teens at Grace Cafe, and I have started my summer course at Regent University. Venesch is busy with his physical labor of love to make spaces more usable and creative with reclaimed wood. He has built many cabinets and reworked many spaces for ministries to fully utilize the spaces they have. He is also working on a new podcast and video series telling the stories of South Africans. He wants to empower them to live into who God made them to be by giving them a platform to tell their story and their plans for the future. This is a learning process for Venesch, but check his Facebook for updates and releases!

We were also able to co-lead our main training last weekend. It is called Holistic Healing: Relationship Through the Lens of Trauma. This is the main training that we do and we are always editing it to make it more culturally appropriate, but the main sections are the same. We discuss how trauma affects the brain, body, biology, belief system, and behavior. Then the training talks about how we heal the work in our own lives and how we can love our families and communities in a trauma-informed way.

Pre-COVID Training Video

Support a Training

To lead this training cost about $100 (R1400) for 10 people. If you would like to effect change across the world you can support a training by donating here. If you would like to read more or book a training, check out our website.


In personal news, our car broke down and cost too much to repair so we had to purchase a new vehicle. This has been a blessing in some ways as we were able to purchase an SUV that is more appropriate for our ministry needs. Having a reliable car is such an important part of ministry in South Africa as roads can be unsafe and transport is a way we support our community. Please consider helping us offset the cost of the vehicle by giving a tax-deductible donation above.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers! We are honored to be partnering with you to do ministry in South Africa!

Love, Autumn