June Update

This month, East Mountain asked me to do the Holistic Healing training for their residency, and it was so fun to return to the ministry that I started with. They are focused on raising up leaders in South Africa, and I was excited to share the knowledge about trauma care. Our vision is that as people learn about fear and emotional regulation, they would be able to use this information to grow in their personal lives and develop the communities around them. 

We have led this training so many times in the past four years and now our partners have asked us to consider what is next. Up to now, we have been working on individual coaching, but our partners are looking for more of our interactive training. This is so exciting as people are interested in the next steps! I will be working on developing the new training for the next few months. If you would like to invest in this future training, please click below! 


Venesch and I were able to purchase our car. It is great and really meets our ministry needs. This little guy loved that it has a sunroof when I was driving his family to an appointment! Thank you for your generous gifts so that we will have what we need to do this work! 

We are currently in our third wave of COVID. The statistics are startling for the rising cases here. Our vaccine rollout is still focusing on those over 60 and will not get to the majority of the population for many months. This continued stress is wearing. It has also made teaching and working at schools and churches difficult as we make a concentrated effort to continue our ministry and keep people safe. Please be praying for South Africa as we might be preparing for another lockdown and many illnesses in our community. 

Love from Cape Town!

Autumn & Venesch